All Roads Are Made of the Flesh

Formato: CD
Características: Digipak
Sello: American Clavé - AMCL 1029
País de edición y fecha: Estados Unidos, 1995
Grabación: Estados Unidos
Géneros: Jazz latino
A1 Buddy Bolden's Blues (Jelly Roll Morton)
A2 ....At The Same Time As The Subway Train Was Pulling Out of The Station... (Kip Hanrahan)
A3 The First And Last To Love Me (4, December) (Kip Hanrahan)
A4 The September Dawn Shows Itself To Elizabeth and Her Lover on East18th Street in Manhattan (Kip Hanrahan)
A5 The Same Dawn, at Almost The Exact Same Moment, Actually Smiles at Don in Passaic (Kip Hanrahan)
A6 Within An Hour, In New Orleans, Charles Knows The Light's In The Room Without Even Opening His Eyes (feat. Don Pullen) (Don Pullen)
A7 The First and Last To Love Me (2, October) (Kip Hanrahan)